GravityRing I


GravityRing 1 360° rotation

GravityRing 1 has a full range levitation grip capable of 360° rotation.

Floating Smartphone

GravityRing 1 is the world's firts levitation grip. Fly high above the rest with GravityRing 1.

Levitation Grip

GravityRing 1 is universal for all hand types, finger sizes, and glam accessory.

Genderless Functionality

Woman or Man no matter the hand, GravityRing 1 is universally compatible with all hands.

META Shake

GravityRing 1 gives the world a way to "Make Everyone Touch Again"

Origin Grip

GravityRing 1 can be used in its own unique way or revert to being used with any Origin style grip.

Landscape Mode

GravityRing 1 can achieve any Landscape position.

PopSocket compatible

GravityRing 1 is compatible with most every accesory in the world including PopSocket.

True Portrait

True Portrait is the purist portrait position for any device.

True Landscape

True Landscape is the purest landscape position for any device.

Install GravityRing 1

GravityRing 1 can be installed in seconds.

Portrait Mode

GravityRing 1 can achieve any portrait position.

Vertically charge

GravityPlates can be placed anywhere they will stick to make your life easier, like above your nightstand to charge.


GravityRing 1 can attach to the fridge for easy access in the kitchen and give you a nice place to watch content.

Levitate tablets

GravityRing 1 can levitate tablets, creating an even stronger grip betwen tablet and hand.


GravityRing 1 is always as clean as your hands. Wash your hands with no fear with GravityRing 1.

Magnetic compatibility

GravityRing 1 can function with all magnetic accessories.

Compatible with LuMee

GravityRing 1 can lift the heavier cases with tech built inside like LuMee cases.

Peleton And Watch

GravityRing 1 is a versatile stand, able to be used in a multitude of scenarios.

Mount to Metal

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Reverse Grip

Hands full, no problem. GravityRing 1 embodies true versatility.